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These days don’t you find it takes half a day, some wire cutters, a screwdriver & a bin bag full of packaging to get to your child’s toy?! Then, more often than not that toy loses it’s appeal pretty quickly & just adds to the clutter in your house.

We believe in being different. Kickbrick are simple, fun toys without the waste. We all want our kids to be creative & challenged when playing & we want our money to be spent on toys that are versatile & that last. Kickbrick give you all this & more, so if you’ve had a busy day & are looking to provide some guilt free parenting, get the Kickbricks out, put the kettle on & get your feet up! (Oh & just so you know 25% of profits go to children’s charities & good causes)

KICKBrick – Keeping your kids quiet for a bit

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