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De-stress your morning routine with kids

How to De-Stress Your Morning Routine For a Better Day Ahead


Mornings can be stressful, especially if you have kids. But you can make mornings a fun start to their day by creating a routine that gets everyone up and going. Here’s how to focus on the important things, like eating a healthy breakfast and getting moving, to have everyone out the door and ready for the day:


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Once you’ve gotten everyone sleeping and eating well and then moving around in the morning, you’ll see how quickly the energy levels rise and everyone is able to focus on the day. Having a good start to each day is the biggest way to create a healthy, active family. Try it today!


These days don’t you find it takes half a day, some wire cutters, a screwdriver & a bin bag full of packaging to get to your child’s toy?! Then, more often than not that toy loses it’s appeal pretty quickly & just adds to the clutter in your house.

We believe in being different. Kickbrick are simple, fun toys without the waste. We all want our kids to be creative & challenged when playing & we want our money to be spent on toys that are versatile & that last. Kickbrick give you all this & more, so if you’ve had a busy day & are looking to provide some guilt free parenting, get the Kickbricks out, put the kettle on & get your feet up! (Oh & just so you know 25% of profits go to children’s charities & good causes)

KICKBrick – Keeping your kids quiet for a bit

The Benefits of Bricks

The Benefits of Bricks…

For pre-school aged children, brick play is an important dominant play activity. Bricks are one of the top educational toys. Building bricks give kids a chance to build their own worlds, and in doing so, help them develop a variety of skills…

Intellectual - Building is all about size, shape, weight, leverage, and balance, and as children work this out, their building and brick play will become more and more complex. As the complexity increases, so does their concentration level. Building and brick play also helps children develop problem solving skills, especially once they begin to develop specific plans in their head.

Physical -Babies and toddlers enjoy playing with big bricks which require fine motor skills to pick up, and gross motor skills to move about. As children get older, building bricks get more detailed and require precise movements with plenty of control. This type of play helps to develop fine motors skills which can be transferred to other learning areas

Emotional & Social - At a young age, brick play is an activity which your child can do alone, or together with friends. Creating farmyards or towns means that two children can be working on one project, but still maintain their independence. This is a great way to introduce children to cooperative play.

Build, Create, Play: The Benefits of Playing with Building Toys

We all know that playing with building toys is beneficial for kids but did anyone ever tell you why? 

Building toys have significant cognitive and academic benefits for children of all ages. Not only are they fun and exciting, but they help kids develop a wide variety of skills and abilities. They help prepare kids for school, sports and life! I guess you can say that these toys are the “building blocks” for success! 

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